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    Ralf, is there a way to program the Desktop Viewer like Steams Virtual Desktop?
    Just for pure SBS watch content?


    I launch a game with Reshade with Depth3d with Virtual desktop , press F7 to get SBS view = Done.
    Issues: really bad performance, crashes in headset on start up often.

    I launch a game with Reshade with Depth 3D , launch Vorpx Desktop Viewer and it tries to attach
    itself to the game , crashing most of the time mostly due to Reshade being present.
    Can you change that? (it works on some games, but mostly it crashes)

    Your viewer is so much better, stable and good performance over VD, it would be great to just have the Viewing SBS function without it trying to inject / attach itself to the games and crashing them on start up.



    You can pause the vorpX watcher (that watches for any exe that is launched) by right clicking on the system tray vorpX logo. I think you are always supposed to pause this whenever you use the desktop viewer.

    It seems to work best if you open the game first and then launch the desktop viewer after. It just displays whatever is currently on your monitor.


    great tip! I try it out ! thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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