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    Iv been trying to get vorpx to work for alien isolation but i haven’t been able to get any of my games to work .Iv download a mod call mothervr and it works. Im trying to figuare out what does vorpx do i spent 40 and I still have to add a script hook to make it work your kidding me right ?


    you spent 40 euros to play a game that already has a free mod. you’re pushing us around, right?


    vorpX does work, assuming some basic steps are being followed (my thought process only):
    – After downloading a game, make sure to play the game a little first WITHOUT vopX (something about getting all files generated by playing the game).
    – Start vorpX, then open ‘Configure vorpX’; assign a profile to your desired game; make sure to ‘Apply’ or ‘Apply and Close’.
    – Start Steam VR
    – Start the game (usually get a notice on the monitor about ‘the game will be playing on your HMD as well’.
    – The game should show up in your HMD (how long it takes varies by game).

    Once the game shows up in your HMD does not necessarily mean you are now playing in perfect VR. Some vorpX configuration and game configuration may be required to get a good experience (within the ‘Configuer vorpX’ option are multiple help sections to get you started; the forums can also be extremely useful).

    Once you are done with vorpX, make sure to ‘turn off’ vorpX before playing other games that you’ve modded without vorpX (lie your Alien Isolation game).

    I hope this helps, and best of luck to you.


    Vorpx works.
    what’s your antivirus op ?

    sometimes antivirus block vorpx for working, sometimes it’s software like monitoring tool (but in my case msi afterburner is working great along vorpx).

    tell us your whole specs and OS.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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