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    I’ve got a DK2, and everything that supports it natively outside of VorpX is working fine.

    I’ve bought and installed the latest version of VorpX, and… it does nothing. I’ve followed all the setup guides, confirmed VorpX is actually running, disabled and unplugged everything I’m not using, quit all programs, disabled AV, turned off steam overlay, made links, tried primary and non-primary, and any number of other things I’ve found posted about.

    I’ve tried it in a dozen odd games – they all just render as normal in 1080p and pressing del does absolutely nothing. Nothing is logged by the service into the event logs.

    I’m using Windows 8.1 Pro (x64). I do have 2 x GTX 780 Ti in SLI, but have currently unplugged all of the extra monitors except for my main, and disabled SLI in the GeForce control panel. I haven’t gone as far as to physically remove the extra graphics card from the PC.

    (As an aside, if I set VorpX to run as an administrator in the options, it crashes immediately with a 0xc0000005 exception code.)

    It picks up the DK2 correctly as it alerts if you’re in direct mode etc, and it’s definitely attempting to hook into the dlls, because when I have it running, Outlook 2013 (which uses DirectX) crashes immediately on launch..

    Please, any ideas?


    Do you by any chance have Steam running with admin rights? If that is the case, you would also have to run vorpX with admin rights. Or Steam without admin rights, which is recommended anyway as running vorpX as admin should be avoided.

    Regarding the Outlook crash: you can add programs to the exclude list in the vorpX config app.


    Thanks for such a fast response – that was it!

    I’d say that’d be good to have in the troubleshooting – I’d checked VorpX and the games I was running, but I would have never have thought to check Steam’s priviledge level!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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