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    Hey folks,

    got vorpX for several days now and so far… it fucked up every single game I tried with it.

    Alien: Isolation for instance. When I’m playing it without vorpx everything seems to be fine (everything but the hud is way too small and too close to the edges). When vorpX hooks in I’ve got one tiny picture in the upper right corner of the right eye and another tiny picture in the upper left corner of the left eye. Both pictures seem to be seperated in their basic colors (RGB).

    Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=393605133
    First thing I noticed here: The screenshot as an strange resolution (2364*1226). By the way, when I start the game without vorpx the resolution is set to 1080p… No chance for me to change the resolution here?!

    What I did:
    – I edited the XML File to enable the Rift support
    – I paused the Oculus service
    -> Starting the game, everything fine
    -> When I try the same thing with vorpx running (tried pausing and not pausing the oculus service) it get messed up

    Second thing: I tried Battlefield 4 but that just won’t work either. But in a different way. I think there is something broken with the 3d stereo view since I can’t open both eyes. I literally can’t focus on the vorpx menu or the game itself. Opening both eyes feels like having crossed eyes if you get what I mean. vorpx is actually hooking in and it’s starting on the correct monitor (the rift…) by the way.

    I’m really frustrated since everything seems to work without vorpx and not a single game with vorpx, wasted money or am I just doing something wrong? Any tips?


    Alien Isolation: Please user either the native support OR vorpX, not both together.

    Battlefield: Sounds like an issue that can happen if a game is not set to the Rifts native resolution. Please make sure to set all games to 1920×1080 fullscreen for the DK2 prior to using them with vorpX. Other resolutions may result in issues similar to what you describe. This is the most likely cause of the issue.

    If that does not solve your issue, please check the IPD (interpupillary distance). The default should work fine for an avarage person, but if your IPD is wastly different from avarage you might have to adjust this to be able to converge the image comfortably.

    Just in case: You probably did that already, but if you didn’t, please also consult the DK2 Setup Guide in the vorpX help. A wrong display orientation can also lead to strange display issues.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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