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    first,..sorry if my english make a mistake because i’m not good enough

    – i paid for this software yesterday and i had to stop using it after about 30 min because it tracking system is really bad,..like they simulated Head tracking from mouse look,,.not from Oculus Sensor and Camera..(I used Oculus Rift CV1),..so result is the exeprience is not any better than Google Cardboard with Trinus VR,..It made me feel nausea and motion sickess after few minutes use,…
    – Games doesn’t fill in Fullscreen althought i had to set FOV ingame to max so i had to use Vorpx to Zoom in to fill the eyes view,..after doing that everything in games is too large and did not look real at all,..
    – Yeah it had Positional Tracking too,..but like Head Tracking,..it’s shitty and bad,.turn on Positional Tracking make the Tracking even worse and wrong direction..look like they’re trying to put many features in it,..but none of their features completely good enough,…
    – i’m really really dissapointed,..I used to use Google Cardboard and Trinus VR (simulated Head tracking by mouse look) so i thought with 40$ and Oculus real tracking system (sensor and camera) it could be many times better than that,..they said that “the experiences are quite close to Apps that Native VR Support” but Nope,..Liar,..too far to this..this software is worth about 10-15$ not 40$,…i recommend everyone not to buy it….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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