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    3rd person games have always been more difficult than the 1st person for VorpX. Why is that?

    In all the 3rd person games, the player’s camera is always attached to the main character, with some slight position or fov changes in different scenarios, for example, when dashing or crouching or jumping. So can VorpX camera just take the position of this player’s camera, with a fixed fov (since almost everyone has similar fov), then we can simply jump right into any 3rd person games without much tweaking? (Pupillary Distance might vary based on the age of the players.)

    This FOV should only be affected by the screen size and distance from the player during the cinema mode. In full VR, the FOV should remain unchanged. What am I missing here?

    Thanks a lot!


    That’s pretty much what ‘Immersive Screen Mode’ is for. In contrast to FullVR you don’t really have to care about FOV. So in games where vorpX can’t handle FOV automatically and there also is no other option to deal with FOV ‘Immersive Screen Mode’ is the easiest way.

    In case you didn’t check that already, the ‘Essential Hints Guide’ in the help has more detailed information regarding the various methods to deal with FOV if vorpX can’t do it automatically for a game.


    I have tryed Assassin’s Creed Origins in FullVR mode, and the way they handle the camera doesn’t like me, it seems like when you put the camera lower, they reduce the FOV a lot, and you see the character huge.

    But I thought this variable FOV was something from the game itself, not something related to VorpX.

    I would like to play it something like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR when you chose the 1:1 setting for scale,is that posible ?


    For 3rd person games I highly recommend cinema or immersive modes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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