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    I know that with vorpX being in beta and the Rift and Vive release around the corner you have not time for this. But when those things are settled, would it be possible to eventually add a vorpX android app that can:

    – Inject into android games and emulate 3D
    – Adds Desktop viewer for android to play android games, PC and PS4 games
    through remote play in the virtual Lounge

    With the consumer launch of the gear VR I think this would be a great addition and the virtual lounge screen would make up for the latency that remote play adds.

    (Maybe that’s a bit far fetched, because VorpX is build as a PC injector, but it would still be great)


    An Android app that can stream Android games in 2D to the PC to be then displayed in Virtual Cinema may be possible at some point, but is not very likely.

    What’s more likely in the long run, but also not really scheduled right now, is a built in PC games > Android streaming component for cardboard and similar things, but that would probably of no real use for you or anyone else with a better headset.


    Streaming PC games to an android device was what I meant.
    And watching the game in the virtual cinema on the android device (through gearVR…).

    But yea the userbase would probably be small.
    I was just curious since every company is now concerned about remote play.

    Thanks for your answer :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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