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    What can I do to use VorpX with games that have no profiles because the game uses a custom (inhouse) engine? (Destiny for example)

    Is it possible to create a new profile for the engine?

    Additional, does the desktop viewer work with games in full screen mode?
    And is it possible to use fake 3d with the desktop viewer?


    Well not so much,but you can still try other profiles for getting z3d support running. For the second part of the question I dont now what you mean with fake 3d?
    You can start the desktop viewer and see everthing you normaly see on your screen, if theres sbs content it will be shown in 3d.


    Thank you for the answer.


    You can always try out other game profiles which can be quite a hunt with inhouse engines though. If anything fails you may try out the “unknown” engine list to find a suitable profile for G3D. Always switch over to Z-Normal while trying a profile to see if at least this mode works properly with your game.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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