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    So is 3D available for any non supported games?

    If not, why not? Are users being stopped from having a go themselves? I think this used to be a feature but now it’s not. Does it depend what API you’re using (steam, oculus, openxr)?

    VRified Games

    It’s engine based and API based

    Not all games are created equal so not all results will be the same.

    But….that being said, many work out of the box and with some tweaking can be amazing


    I have setup Vorpx for many games without official profiles. The trick is to research the game engine (Unreal, Unity, etc) and the graphics API (DirectX, OpenGL, etc) for the game, and then find an existing profile based on a game that matches those two criteria and try it out. Since game engines and API have different versions you want to find an existing profile made around the same year as the unofficial game for which you want to setup a profile. I only play games in geometry 3D (not Z3D) so I look for profiles in which they claim it has G3D (geometry 3D).

    For example, the latest Unreal Directx 11 (maybe 12?) profile I found people talking about on the forum was made for Medieval Dynasty and it works for Ranch Simulator and Bus Simulator both of which are Unreal DirectX 11 games made around the same year as Medieval Dynasty.

    Some good profiles to start are:
    Ark:Survival Evolved – Unreal Engine (2019 and earlier)
    Medieval Dynasty – Unreal Engine (2020 and later)
    Firewatch – Unity Engine


    Thanks for the info guys!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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