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    Hi all, new vorpx user here

    I purchased vorpx last week after having watched numerous youtube videos and lurking on the forums.

    Everything installed and I can pull up the desktop viewer, vorpx starts and also the configuration utility boots up

    However, when I start any game with a vorpx profile, for example dishonored (without steam VR running), the intros run in 3d and I can boot into the game, but when I have played just a few seconds (which look absolutely amazing in 3d) the game freezes, and then the link between my oculus and pc drops out (this happens with a physical cable and also through the new air link feature on the quest 2). The same happens with Crysis 3 which I have on my origin account.

    If I am playing a native steam VR game (eg the Talos principle) I can play without any dropouts, so I am assuming the link is good.

    I have looked through the various help sections but nothing seems to apply. I have completely uninstalled my AVG antivirus, logged out of my VPN and have also uninstalled any hardware utilities such as HW monitor; GPUZ etc. I cannot see any other software that to my mind be interfering but am assuming there is still something running in the background which is causing conflicts.

    It is really frustrating as I feel I am so close to getting everything working.

    I am now thinking of buying another SSD and having a dual boot windows 10 PC with the new installation being for purely VR/Vorpx games with nothing other than the OS and necessary programs on.

    Any help you can think of would be greatly appreciated



    Can’t really suggest anything useful without more detailed information, sorry. Please try to launch Dishonored one or two times, and afterwards create a trouble shoot data archive in the config app. Send that to support at vorpx com. Can’t promise anything, but I’d like to check whether I can maybe spot something that you might have overlooked.


    Hi Ralf

    thanks for responding – it actually seems to be every steam game that freezes – iv tried origin, epic and GOG games and they all work fantastically.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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