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    First of all, thanks Ralf for successfully rescuing 3D gaming! I have finally gotten such fantastic results with your software after years of struggling with it and at times, writing it off.

    Second of all. Playing a multiplayer MMO with VorpX IS the metaverse! WE have top quality graphics and characters to build (not those stupid looking Meta avatars and low quality graphics that Zuckerberg and others offer) and the community in the game (group content, Discord and guilds).

    Thirdly: I really would like to share my settings for Elder Scrolls Online however I didn’t start with one of your templates (after trying them and not being satisfied). Do I have to take notes and reset everything or is there some way of saving what I have already and exporting to your cokkection of presets?

    I often disclose to other players that I am playing with VR glasses in 3D. THey like the idea but I think the investment in hardware stops them.

    AMD Ryzen 4 3600X 6 core processor @3.8 Ghz
    RAM 16GB
    Windows 10 Pro
    Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB Graphics Card


    Marks Metaverse will crash and destroy the whole meta company, but the community of 3D Gaming here and on MTBS, RealVR and some other projects on Github will survive the Metaverse fiasco, because vorpx and the other community’s are made by love on not by money, that’s it !


    Keep your fingers crossed that Meta won’t crash the whole VR bubble at some point.

    Might not be the most common/widespread opinion, but I think VR as a whole would have been better off without the billions poured into it by Facebook/Meta every year. As things stand, pretty much everything hinges on Meta finding a way to actually make money with VR instead of burning it as if there was no tomorrow. With every billion spent for their unrealistic VR-as-a-social-medium-for-everyone-vision that becomes less and less likely. If Meta shareholders at some point get too annoyed, things may be over fast.

    A danger that wouldn’t exist to that extent in a certainly smaller, yet more diverse and sustainable VR market.


    Yes that’s true, but Valve with their next gen standalone Headset and Sony with the PSVR2 will be still available. And in the B2B market the VR Headsets are industry standard in so many company’s, medicine and science etc. and this is irreversible. But we will have to pay much more for our VR Headsets if PC-VR is only possible with B2B Headsets.

    I keep my fingers crossed that Metaverse will be successful, but it needs one more important thing to be interesting for the masses, and that is the topic relationships and sex. Mark added the status of the relationships to Facebook and that was the one special thing that made the whole social media thing interesting for most of the people. The success of Instagram is without sexual allusions in the stories unthinkable, too. Everyone who likes porn in general, and has seen a porn in 4K 3D on a VR Headset will buy a VR Headset very soon. But the masses don’t even know what they are missing. And if that will be possible for couples with webcams live in real time, or webcam boys or girls live in real time, it will make the metaverse successful. This 3D Mode can be used just for dating and to get to know without sex, too.

    In my opinion the comic style of the metaverse is bullshit, everyone should buy 3D webcams within a chip that that supports hardware encoding of the stream in real time. With the smaller Headsets looking like glasses and wireless streaming in the future, that’s interesting for the B2B market for conferences or just for video calling in the business sector, too. But in the moment the metaverse is ugly and boring, and even the employees of meta have no desire to use it !

    I think the metaverse bubble will attract VR Hostiles for example like the CEO of 2K to develop GTA 6 for VR headsets, and many other VR Hostiles to poured billions of dollars into VR. I think that is the reason why he is fighting again the modding scene. I hope that so many people will have a positive experience with VR before Meta fails, that VR will still survive. VR gaming, dating and working isn’t a nerd thing, the masses will like that but not with this ugly uncomfortable metaverse in the moment.


    Hope you are right, although I somehow have a feeling that if Meta fails, others will also pull out eventually.


    Zuck the cuck took Luck out of VR. Prick should’ve let Lucky Palmer do his thing and checked on him every once in awhile. I hope the Metaverse fails so bad it drags all of Facebook down with it. I would’ve fired everyone on the Oculus team that felt offended by anything Lucky did. Dude is the father of modern VR as far as I’m concerned.

    VR Chat was great when it wasn’t regulated, as soon as the SJWs got a hold of it, the app went right down the tubes. The Metaverse is VR Chat at the end of it’s life.

    Get woke go broke, destroy all creativity in the process.


    When things are allowed to grow naturally, awesome stuff takes place. Notice the Dolphin / PSP fork was growing, the developer was a genius and he got taken out by a bunch of social justice pricks.

    GTA V had an awesome mod, it didn’t hurt anybody, it made the game absolutely amazing… taken out by a bunch of social justice pricks.

    VRChat taken out by a bunch social justice pricks who couldn’t take a joke.

    Our culture is in free fall right now, I’m sure you’re all paying attention.

    If these people who feel offended at everything would just log off the game of life, all of humanity would benefit, we’d probably have George Jetson flying cars right now. Anything these rat bastards get their claws into, pretty much fails within a few years. Look at Disney Star Wars, my god that could’ve been awesome but no… take the best IPs from our culture and totally wipe them out. It’ll be no different in VR, they want to control what you think, how you play and what media you’re allowed to see. The Metaverse allows them to do that, not to mention the ‘always on/call home’ feature included in the new Oculus head sets. They really want to ensure that ‘wrong think’ does not go un-punished.

    I really miss aspects of the world before the net. I didn’t have to worry about speaking my mind or videos being posted online. We had our local BBS and our offline games and that was it. Nobody was into anybody else’s business, the world was quiet, disconnected and computers were for business and games, there was no social media, myspace, tik tok. No stupid people used computers.

    As technology proliferates and becomes acceptable, it seems it becomes dumbed down for society’s rejects. The only people on the BBS during my generation were HIGH IQ guys and girls who could build a computer without a second thought. Message forums were filled with interesting theories, questions and etiquette. By comparison to Facebook today, half the userbase belongs on Jerry Springer, the other half live in homeless shelters. The internet has really given stupid people a voice… and VR is the next step. I look at VorpX like that early tech, the only people using it are the HIGH IQ guys and gals. The rest of the VR world is going to be made up of hicks, thugs and losers wandering around being offended at everything.

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