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    is not well known or used enough; because PCs, as everyone knows, are gas factories; but if there are 10 million people playing a game, if we have a problem with our PC we will always find at least someone who had the same problem and will help us solve it; but if we add software like vorxp, we no longer have 10 million people but only a few hundred, and then it is impossible to find the solution; sad . But hey I continue to play vorpx x because overall it’s a magnificent piece of software when it works (which is most often the case of course). Thanks Ralph.


    I agree. But things are better now than they were in 2019 when i started using VorpX. We even have different inofficial Discord servers with VorpX related channels, so there is more info available. And there are alternative tools, for the games that VorpX doesn’t work with, so we are not dependable on one single tool anymore (and the limited time of one single developer to fix issues with profiles).

    I’m currently playing AC:Origins, and it works brilliantly on the Quest 3 with my xBox controller. I have issues with hooking from time to time, but other than that it’s a great way to be “inside” the game.


    My one and only complaint regarding vorpX is its immersive screen ain´t big enough. I want the damn thing to be at least double the size it is now, then i will stop complaining…maybe.


    For me the immersive screen fills my full view. Make it big and move it closer.
    Whats the problem?


    One thing to keep in mind is the “Ambience” feature in Immersive Screen. Since i discovered it in VorpX years ago, i never stopped using it. It creates the illusion of the content going beyond the edges of the screen (and it blurs the border between virtual screen and background).

    This feature inspired me to install a real-life implementation of it behind my physical monitor (like the “Ambilight” of those Philips monitors) – it made gaming on a flat monitor much more immersive for me.

    Even better – this “Ambience” feature allowed me to make my virtual screen in VorpX *smaller* without noticing less “gaming FOV”.

    People never talk about this, so i’m not sure if nobody uses it, or if everybody uses it and it’s one of those things that people take for granted. But i think everyone who has the feeling that the virtual screen is too small should give it a try.


    So obviously moving the screen closer is not the same as making it bigger even though it will then fill up more of your FOV, but I would assume it also strains your eyes more. I do wonder what the screen size and distance in VR mode is, because at the end of the day if you take immersive screen mode, add headlock, add headtracking and you got yourself VR mode. @Ralph what distance and scale would one have to use in immersive screen to get the same properties of the screen as it would be in VR mode minus headlock and headtracking of course? I mean alternatively an option in VR mode to disable headlock and/or an option to customize the zoom for edge peek would be even better, then one could conveniently switch between the two without any distortion or warping.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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