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    Hi guys,

    I’ve just purchased vorpx and have not been able to get it working well at all, I launched outlast and it launched perfectly fine, got to the menu screen of the game however there was a pop up that just told me vorpx changed some settings and the game may need a restart so I decided to exit and launch it again.

    Now I cannot get past the loading screen without it just going blank indefinitely. I managed to get it working somehow after about 20 tries however when I alt tabbed out to check some settings, I could not go back to the game as it was just black and I cannot get it to launch again.

    The loading screen comes up fine but when the menu is meant to appear it simply stops working! using a rift s.

    Help is appreciated


    Found a solution after doing some research…

    I have to rename OLGame.exe (in the actual win64 folder in directory for outlast), I renamed it to “OLGame1.exe” and it works completely fine. However if renamed to OLGame.exe again it will not launch…

    I also tried this with the win32 folder and it did not work. Very weird but at least I found a fix and got the game working.


    When you rename the exe, the Outlast profile is no longer triggered. VorpX attempts to auto hook any unassigned directx app that starts running, even though it isn’t sure how to handle it.

    This means it probably is displaying in your headset, but without any 3D options nor proper view settings.

    I tested my old steam copy of Outlast just now. I can confirm that alt tabbing at any time wont let me back in, just black window. A brief skim through the steam forums says many people encounter this.

    My game seems to launch the logo screens in windowed mode, but then auto switches to fullscreen for the menu screen. It’s possible this is in part because I have game resolution set lower than my monitor’s native resolution. Unsure.

    As long as I’m not clicking outside the load window or alt tabbing, I can load in and play as intended.

    Maybe load in without vorpX and make sure the game is set to fullscreen first. Or if that dosn’t work, change it to windowed first. Trying your native resolution or one lower maybe also. Try not to tab out or click anywhere.

    And as always, make sure you’re not running any side apps like fraps or afterburner, or programs that record or use overlays in game.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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