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    Hi – does anyone know the vorpx log location? I’m having problems with it hooking into Star Citizen but I’d like to know specifically why so I can troubleshoot myself, as it’s an unsupported game.

    I had it working last week, and for whatever reason it’s no longer hooking. Tried:

    * Alternative method
    * Helper (crashes the game)
    * Running as admin/normal
    * Unchecking block overlays
    * Checked don’t optimize game settings

    …among other things with my PC.

    I also killed off all applications running in the tray, Windows Defender as a yolo, and uninstalled applications I’ve installed over the past week, still not working. It works fine with other games.

    Just hoping I can get a more specific error message to dig into.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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