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    really sorry that bought vorpx, because I could never run any game in acceptable condition. all show sucks the head tracking was not working, battlefield 1 and flight simulator throwing error, and generally I consider a great stupidity this application. I can not understand how some of you managed to run some games. there is no detailed guide somewhere that the arrangements should be made; please mercy !!


    There is no profile for Battlefield 1 yet. vorpX requires game specific profiles to work, unless that is the case, a game may or may not work.

    In general please familiarize yourself a bit with how vorpX works before you start.

    The most important thing to do once for each game is addressing the field of view (FOV), which needs to be higher than on a monitor. How that is done varies from game to game. Sometimes you can do it in the game’s options directly, for other games the vorpX Game Optimizer may be able to do it or you may need an additional tool like Flawless Widescreen. In the worst case a non-perfect workaround may be required.

    You can find a full list of options in this regard in the Essential Hints Guide in the vorpX help. This guide also explains two other things that are important to understand before starting with vorpX.

    The help also contains a quick and dirty setup (“1-2-3 Game Setup”) that describes a way to get most games running within seconds, although usually not in the best possible way.


    What VR gear are you using?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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