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    vorpx hasnt auto updated for me inawhile but i just got gta v so i was trying to get it to work with vorpx and it didnt work and seen that your new update has that the game is compatible with it,so i read to update just to run the vorpx web launcher which i did,i then seen it updated my oculus runtime to the new which doesnt seem to work with my dk1,so i unistalled the oculus runtime and sdk and went back to 0.4.4 which my oculus dk1 is reconized with that but vorpx still doesnt reconize my dk1,do you know of anyway i can get my dk1 to work with the new update and if not is their anyway i can go back to a previous version of vorpx before the oculus runtime was included,i love this software it has been a godsend for playing games on vr and i always tell people vorpx is the goto software to play games on vr and it suck since updating id never be able to use the software with my dk1 again,thanks for creating such awesome software that ive put thousands of hours into the past year


    Newer vorpX versions won’t work with runtimes below There were two reports earlier of peoiple who got the DK1 working with when the Windows display config was set to cloning displays instead of extending displays. So that may be worth a try.

    If you didn’t do that already, checking the Oculus forum for DK1/ issues may also be worth a try.

    If you can’t get it to work, please send a mail to support |at| vorpx com. I could provide you with a (rather outdated) DK1 vorpX version that does not rely on the Oculus runtime at all.


    i wanna thank you for the advice,i ended up looking into in how to get the dk1 connected to sdk again through extending displays and that worked,forawhile everytime id run a game though the oculus configuration would stop reading the headtracking but i could still see the game through the hdmi headset,with fiddling around with it i learned to run the game the flawlessly i had to have the dk1 display set as my primary display and vorpx configuration set to system settings and now everything works great,i wanna thank you again vorpx is an incredible product and your customer service is the best ive ever dealt with in my life,you care about your customers and product and you are very swift in getting back to your customers,thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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