VorpX no longer sending to HMD, but still hooks fine.

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    As mentioned in the RDR2 forum, for some reason, my VorpX no longer sends the visuals to my headset. What HORRIBLE timing.
    It was all working a few hours ago, and now does not. Never changed a thing. The games still hook and play, but just not showing on my HMD. Just shows my WMR landscape.
    I’ve tried:
    – factory reset
    – unplugging/rebooting
    – reinstalling VorpX
    – Removing AV
    – Looking for other programs which may interfere. Can’t see any that would.

    I did see another post with something similar back in May with a RiftS, and tried the things you suggested there.
    I’m desperate. Been dying to play this game, and the timing couldn’t be worse.

    Thanks for your help


    Read the thread just below this about the recent steam update, see if it applies. So far rebooting my whole PC system a couple times seems to have fixed it.

    I do see windows is pending a new update already, hope that won’t break something now.


    Hmm. Sounds like the same thing. Only I’m on an Odyssey+ so I don’t see any “Next Up” I just see the WMR landscape like VorpX isn’t running.
    I’ve tried rebooting and hard resetting a couple of times. I’ll give it a go a bunch more tonight and see if that fixes anything. Sounds like this may be a newly introduced WMR bug of some kind.


    No luck yet. Not sure what else to try other than wait and restart a bunch of times.


    Well I think I figured out why all this rebooting has been helping other people. I forced windows to search for updates, and it did a .NET update. That seems to have fixed it for me.


    Same problem, but with fallout new vegas


    I have wmr and Ralf said early on that wmr wasn’t working in rdr2. Not saying again but my yesterday worked and hooked yet net every vital vr element.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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