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    Hello, I wanted to share a problem and solution I was having with vorpx. I bought vorpx recently and was having no issues launching and hooking vorpx to all of my 32 bit games. The problem was none of my 64 bit games would even attempt to hook.

    I tried everything, disabling overlays, background processes, reinstalls, disabling antivirus, disabling firewalls, forums, alternative hooking, nothing would work. I then realized that in task manager I could only see a vorpx driver called ‘vorpControl.exe vorpX VR Driver Control (32 bit)’ and wondered if there shouldn’t be a 64 bit driver? Well, yes, I searched the forums and found that certain antivirus programs delete the 64 bit driver upon installation. I am using Bitdefender so checked the notifications and saw that there was nothing about deleting ‘vorpControl64 vorpX VR Driver Control’ driver?

    I then tried disabling Bitdefender and reinstalling vorpx and like magic ‘vorpControl64 vorpX VR Driver’ was now there when launching, and all my 64 bit games are hooking just fine. Re-enabling Bitdefender after installation has no issue.

    Just wanted to share this because it took me 3 days to solve. Also, that Vorpx is amazing and wonderful software, thanks for developing!


    Your AV program is one of those that make it quite hard for their users to actually disable them. Disabling the scanner is not enough, you also need to disable the ironically named ‘Advanced Threat Protection’, which rather unadvanced blocks Windows functions used to hook into games.

    Alternatively you might want to consider switching to Windows Defender instead, which also provides excellent protection and causes a lot less trouble than some third party AV programs. Windows Defender kicks in automatically when you remove your third party AV.


    Great, thank you for the information.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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