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    Since I’ve had a Quest 3 headset recently, i Found that i can not get anything to hook. Even games that I’ve got running myself in the past and games ive seen other people get working. I just tried a reinstall of the beta 23.1 to see if that helps and all i got was getting asked to re-register again again. I’ve even tried using OpenXR instead of the Quest option and no joy there either. It’s bound to be some setting that i’m unaware of but i’m not technically minded so wouldn’t know where to look. Can you help please?


    hooking issues with multiple games that are known to work fine usually are almost always caused by a conflict with some other app on the PC that also hooks into games and creates a conflict with vorpX. Typical candidates: GPU/CPU tweak tools, third party antivirus, messengers, screen recorders, any other app that might display a game overlay.

    The trouble shooting guide on top of this sub forum has more details on the matter.


    Ralf, I have really gotten a decent amount of use out of vorpx. Following this thread I have the same issue here on 24.1.0 where I can open Virtual desktop, and all the vorpx tools are there. But launching StarField, it starts to load then just freezes, and takes me right back to Virtual Desktop. So that means, to me, that we have confirmed that hooking is working or Virtual Desktop would also not run ,just like any game trying to hook. So what could it be if Virtual Desktop option from Vorpx (not the alternate Virtual Desktop app on Steam or Meta) is working, but launching the game starts and then fails. This is specific to Starfield. Preparing to start I run VD and Virtual desktop does start and my primary monitor is disabled so I can’t see anything on my monitor unless I go into my VR headset (Quest 3). If I was using your previous settings for Starfield, do I need to clean all of that up now? Do I need a fresh Starfield install with no special files from previous attempts to have starfield work in 23.1.0? Do I need to create a special display in VorpxConfig? Now that Vorpx is showing Starfield as native support, the information related to starfield and 24.1.0 is a bit vague. Hoping you can fill in some blanks. Thank you!!!


    Ok I can’t edit this previous post. I wish this were a better support platform but someone is averse to Discord. Ok so here is the update I was trying to edit to:

    Ralf, I’ve found vorpx to be quite useful. Following this thread, I encountered the same issue on version 24.1.0 where I can open Vorpx Desktop Viewer, and all the Vorpx tools are present. However, upon launching StarField, the game starts to load but freezes, returning me to Vorpx Desktop Viewer. This confirms that hooking is functional since Vorpx Desktop Viewer runs, just like any game attempting to hook. So, the question arises: why does launching the game fail even when the Vorpx Desktop Viewer option is operational?

    I’ve disabled AMD CPU video, Disconnected all my monitors other than my primary, disabled MS Defender, and removed all possible software that could talk to my RTX 4080. Clean Windows 11 install 23H2.

    Running Starfield from MS Store / GamePass purchased
    This issue seems specific to Starfield. Before starting, I run Vorpx Desktop Viewer, and Vorpx Desktop Viewer initiates while my primary monitor is disabled. I can’t see anything on my monitor unless I enter my VR headset (Quest 3). If I previously used your settings for Starfield, should I clean all of that up now? Do I need to perform a fresh Starfield install without any special files from previous attempts for it to work in version 23.1.0? Is there a need to create a special display in VorpxConfig? With Vorpx now showing Starfield as having native support, the details related to Starfield and version 24.1.0 are somewhat unclear. I hope you can provide some clarification. Thank you!

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