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    In the title! Is there a trick to this?! I just found out some of the profiles I uploaded didn’t save the changes I made. So if a user down loads them they will not work correctly until VP hud settings are changed. Why is Vorpx not saving?! Anyone?!


    First the obvious one, to get it out of the way:

    Please check whether you actually saved the changes in menu. Just clicking ‘OK’ does not save changes, you have to click ‘OK&SAVE’.

    If that is not the issue:

    Please send a bug report to support at vorpx com about this, including the name(s) of at least one affected profile. I’d like to check whether I can replicate the issue.


    Clicking ok & save does not solve the issue. I check click & save constantly and it never saves my hud VP settings. Never. I have to reset the profile every time I start the game. These are profiles I’ve changed settings on. One is the geometry 3-D profile for Resident Evil 0. I’m currently using that profile for Dead Or Alive 5. I have some others but I’m not sure what the original profiles were. I uploaded a G3-D profile for Dead Or Alive 6 but found out after the fact that it hadn’t saved my Hud settings. So anyone who down loads that profile will get a black screen until they go in change the Hud settings. It’s been very frustrating.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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