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    When I start up for example, half life 2.
    My oculus view is messed up.
    And on my desktop the image is tilted sideways.

    For me this is a problem cuz I want to record my game for youtube.


    And the image on the oculus is just mirrored giving a very weird and disorienting experience.
    I dont know how to fix this.


    This looks odd. First thing I noticed is that the game runs windowed, which should not be the case. Make sure to run games fullscreen at a resolution of 1920×1080 prior to using them with vorpX.

    In regard to the basic vorpX setup you have two options, a convenient one that doesn’t work with all games (DK2 as secondary display, vorpX to “Show only on DK2”), and a compatible one (DK2 as primary display, vorpX to “Use system settings”).

    Instead of reiterating that here in detail, I’d like to point you to the DK2 setup guide in the vorpX documentation, which has a full step-by-step walkthrough with pictures.

    One caveat: If you use Windows 8, you may have to set the DK2’s orientation to “Landscape flipped” instead of “Portrait”, that info is missing in the guide currently.


    Wow thanks, making my game full screen fixed it.
    Now it is not perfect, but very playable.
    And I can record my desktop view also.
    Cuz it is no longer warped.

    Thanks !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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