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    Hello, I’m using my quest 2 with virtual desktop, and it doesn’t seem to be recognizing my headset. Any ideas how to fix this?


    I read somewhere else that you need to set your headset type as SteamVR in VorpX for it to be recognized when using it in the virtual desktop version. Haven’t tried myself yet though.


    that doesnt seem to be working at all.


    Setting vorpX to SteamVR in the config app should work normally. Virtual Desktop only captures SteamVR, not the native Oculus runtime.

    Alternatively you can use Oculus Link with any USB 2 (or ideally a good USB 3) cable. While wired, that’s better anyway since it has less latency (lag) and doesn’t involve an additional app in the chain that may impact performance.


    You have updated Virtual desktop from Side quest ?


    I, likewise, can’t run Virtual Desktop with VorpX on Quest 2 even though it’s set as a SteamVR headset in vorpX settings. It’s a shame because the wireless quality is really nice on Quest 2, and you can set a virtual window to ceiling and play lying down. Any ideas for a fix?


    you can. i just got it working on quest 2 and vd yesterday. not sure what i did to fix it as it took a while and maybe 10 tries to get it “working” and switching the setting to steam vr was the last thing i did. be sure you have the game profile already before starting the game. when you start the game from steam desktop it should say something about opening in a virtual environment and should also be a prompt for the game.exe. vorpx does its thing automatically (running) if its a compatible game like instead of opening it as an app then opening something from it. that concept is probably what took me so long to get it running

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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