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    Why when choosing picture quality in the varax settings, is it selected only by quality with an aspect ratio of 16×10? For example, if you select 2400, 3840×2400 is selected, but for example, I would like for Vox to make a resolution of 3840×2160


    You can run games at every resolution/aspect ratio you want. However, different aspect ratios make sense for different things.

    If vorpX can handle that for a game, let it do its thing. It knows what aspect ratio is best under which circumstances.

    If vorpX can’t handle it for a game, use the below rule of thumb:

    For ‘Play Style’ set to ‘Immersive Screen’ or ‘Cinema’ widescreen resolutions (16:9/16:10) are typically what you want.

    For ‘Play Style’ set to ‘Full VR’ choose 4:3 resolutions unless you have to reduce the ‘Image Zoom’ slider a lot to compensate for missing FOV. Widescreen resolution otherwise are a waste of GPU power with ‘Full VR’ since a lot would get rendered that never is visible in the headset.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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