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    I remember there were complaints people couldnt fix visuals with reshade because vorpx was overaking it, somebody made a mod for it to work inside steamvr on reddit

    [WIP] Reshade for SteamVR games
    by u/fholger in SteamVR

    Ive tested it with mirrors edge catalyst and it seems to be working as in injecting (vorpx is warning about conflicts) but Ive chosen most obvious shader to see if it works while forgetting to test if it kills vorpx z3d.

    Anyways, you can try it with different games and see how it goes.
    Here is mirrors edge screenshot

    View post on imgur.com


    Tested mirrors edge some more and even with all shaders off just the fact of using that dll kills vorpx 3d, at least z3d in mirrors edge.

    So only use with vorpx I guess is if you play a dx11 game that vorpx doesnt support and want some fancy post effects with it.


    If Reshade still hooks DirectX functions in SteamVR mode that vorpX also hooks, there always is a chance that it may cause havok. May or may not work in a specific game.

    Anyway: while I can somewhat understand the appeal of tinkering with color correction, I’d heavily recommend not to use this SteamVR Reshade even if it works because of its performance impact. Every shader you add at the headset rendering stage has to be executed 180 times per second (once for each eye at 90fps) for each pixel of the usually fairly high headset render resolution, in the worst case causing judder or otherwise affecting performance negatively.

    Applying effect shaders to SteamVR is a fairly different situation performance wise than applying effect shaders to 1080p (or even 4K) monoscopic monitor gaming at typical 60FPS or less. Compared to 1080p/60 monitor gaming in SteamVR the same shader requires about 6-12x the amount of pixel shader processing, the exact amount depending on headset resolution/supersampling.

    Really useful stuff like gamma correction and sharpening can be applied in an optimized fashion in the vorpX menu.

    BTW: The same performance considerations are true for native VR games as well, of course. So be very careful there either with adding stuff that isn’t really necessary.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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