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    after final installation and excluding VORPX from Mcafee total protection scanning. I got a system tray picture from Vorpx.
    the program tries to hook on other games, vive heatset is working (prooved with steam VR) but no picures appear in vive headset only the monitor shows attatching to the game.
    Made already my settings Configure VORPX into steam VR binding.

    Overlay was disabled already, what should i do ??


    The best advice I can give is pretty much the the same I gave you in your other thread. Remove redundant third party AV software. At least uninstall it for testing purposes and see whether that helps. You don’t risk anything doing that. Windows 10 comes with its own AV solution that will kick in the moment you uninstall your third party AV program.

    Unfortunately stuff like this happens all the time with trigger happy AV programs when new vorpX versions are released, which was the case just yesterday. The most reliable way to deal with it is switching to Windows Defender, which only very rarely caused any issues in the past.


    Thanks Ralf, i got already Arma 3 working with McAfee Total protection and taking vorpx folder out of the scan in Mc-Afee. Cannot disable Virus program because its my own and only working pc for my business.
    My problem is together with my graphiccard RTX 2080 super and the HTC Vive equipment.
    As i understand VORPX is a software like SteamVR but working on his own, correct ??
    the Problem sometimes is, that maybe the graphiccard does not switch from desktop-vision to the VR-HTC display, i think and i don’t know why.
    Maybe because of the 4K AOC Monitor ??
    Maybe the Graphiccard decides, if it can offer that kind of solution together with the HTC ??
    But steamVR is working well, if its a VR Game and STEAMVR is on.


    Your problems are almost certainly ralated to your AV program.

    Windows 10 has its own AV solution, which in most recent tests is at least as good as third party AV programs without being as invasive as some of those. This built in AV program, Windows Defender, kicks in automatically when you remove your third party AV. There is no real need for third party AV on Windows 10.

    While it’s not entirely impossible that Windows Defender also may occasionally cause issues in regard to vorpX, that’s far less likely. Also Microsoft always reacted super-quick if necessary, so this is my recommendation. Same protection, less hassle and annoyances – not just with vorpX BTW.


    thanxs Ralf , so i will deinstall MCafee and try how it works, thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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