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    Its been a while since I’ve used Vorpx but when I came back and to use it again with Classic WoW and it seems to work fine for anywhere between 5-10 mins before it straight crashes my pc. Black screen, everything reboots and Event Viewer only tells me that it rebooting after encountering a fuck up.

    Windows 10 build 1903
    CPU – Ryzen 5 3600X
    GPU – Radeon VII

    GPU drivers are up to date. Got desperate and tried the run Vorpx as admin setting, no change. Tried the stop vorpx from optimizing, no change.


    vorpX certainly does not crash your PC. It does stress your PC more than just playing the game alone though. So if there is anything that makes your PC less stable than it normally would be, these instabilities might get triggerd by the higher workload involved.

    What exactly that might be is impossible to tell. If you happen to have anything overclocked, that should be the first thing to undo. Otherwise pretty much anything from invasive AV software to faulty RAM or a dying video card might be the actual curlprit.

    BTW: running vorpX as admin is only required for (mostly older) games that also require admin rights. Otherwise it will likely do more harm than good.


    Yeah I revwrted each chamge as it didn’t help just wanted to narrow down my troubleshooting and see if anyone else had crashing issues. For all I know my video card could be dying.


    Event Viewer finally gave me something, saying the PC was restarting due to a bug check with a code of 0x00000116, checking the minidump it is pointing toward DirectX specifically dxgkrnl.sys

    Now time to web surf to find a resolution @_@


    12700k not overclocked.
    Rtx 3080 not overclocked.
    32gb of ram and everything is brand new. No dying video card. No overclocking and no dying ram. My pc works a 100 percent fine doing everything. Except when running this program. It plays the game just fine without the program.
    This program definitely does not work flawlessly. The settings are broken. I have the oculus quest 2. But I have to have it on steam valve settings for the vorpx to even boot up with the correct video showing through my oculus quest 2 (also my oculus quest 2 is brand new). Then I have to have windows MR controller setting for my Xbox controller to work so it doesn’t constantly try to use the mouse for head tracking making the screen pop in and out of zoom. This program has faults. Great for the people it works for but it’s not flawless and it does cause my pc to freeze. I wish this was not the case because I love this program and it’s cool. But it does not work right. Anyone else finding themselves here being told it’s their brand new pc that’s the problem it’s fortunately not the case. I love what your doing mate but there is still some work to be done with this program. If you have any tips other than telling me it’s my hardware I would love to hear it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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