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    I have recently purchased VorpX and have noticed that it has lead to my oculus rift headset losing its HDMI connection. I have verified this multiple times by uninstalling and reinstalling Vorpx. I will be playing Fallout 4 (which works well by the way) and then suddenly I lose connection in the headset and the screen goes blank. In addition, the same thing happens with using regular VR games in Oculus Home and Steam VR. I will have my screen randomly blank out and shut down my Oculus rift headset. I have checked all my cables and reinstalled all programs, and the only way to keep my HMD going was to uninstall Vorpx, and then Oculus and Steam VR work fine. Thus, VorpX is basically useless when I can’t use it. Please let me know if there is something else I need to do.


    First time I hear of something like that. Only thing I can imagine is that something doesn’t work right in regard to vorpX’s special handling of the additional virtual monitor that the Oculus software creates for its desktop feature. This special handling is only required on a minority of systems, so you could try to disable it.

    1. Click the Windows start button
    2. Enter ‘services.msc’ (without the quotes)
    3. Double click the ‘vorpX Service’
    4. Stop the service and set its start type to ‘Deactivated’

    Unless you happen to be affected by the issue this service addresses, disabling it has no negative side effects.

    BTW: vorpX doesn’t do anything while it is not running (indicated by the icon in the taskar tray), not even the service. So if you also encounter this issue after exiting vorpX from the tray menu, it’s 100% unrelated to vorpX.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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