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    Vr games have different solution for people who cant stomach some things, one of popular and effective (based on things Ive read from people) is vignette – reducing player fov with darkness making it like a tunnel vision.

    Ive also had people using vorpx share they couldnt play some games with always run on since flat games dont consider player speed at all.

    Now I’m not asking to have this right away nor have any issues or need of that myself, but I thought its a simple enough thing that has proven itself to be quite effective for some people.

    Basically as I see it – just an overlay (strength of which can be adjusted in settings) that adds dark circle over a screen vorpx renders when player touches left stick or WASD (probably should be adjustable too)


    I’d *love* to see this as well. Even better would be if there were a setting that would cause VorpX to turn on that vignette every time the camera matrix changes because of something the game does rather than because the user’s head has translated or rotated.


    I’ll take a look at that. Incidentally there is already a (currently unused) vignette system in place from a distant past for other reasons. Should be relatively easy to utilize that as a rotation comfort option. Might not make it into the next release, but I’ll definitely check this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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