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    Hello Vorpx Technical Support,

    Does my folowing VR head set, support VorpX???
    VR set is: MEDION® ERAZER MR X1000 VR Headset & Controllers, and here you can find more info:
    My VR headset is compatible with Windows mixed reality app:

    I have also two 3D screens:
    1] 55 inch UHD 3D oled TV! wich can create from UHD-side by side, a 3D steroscopic view, with 4 megapixel for one eye, which is twice at much in compare with standaard 3D bluray resolution!
    2] Epson TW9300, is a 1920×1080 3D projector!


    I’m not sure about the TVs, but as long as the HMD is SteamVR compliant (WMR HMDs are), and as long as you set your HMD to SteamVR in VorpX, then you should be golden! (I checked out the specs, great HMD, looks fine, similar to my own, and I don’t have any problems with VorpX)


    It looks like a reskinned Lenovo WMR headset. As long as it works with the Windows Mixed reality app you shouldn’t have any problems.


    Thank you very much guys, i’ve allready bought Vorpx, now i have to test, what kind of VR/S-3D configurations are possible with Vorpx and my headset and two 3D displays i have:
    I hope with Vorpx, i can play not only games with my VR headset, but also on a second screen with the same game-display in 2d or better in S-3D, so my two game mates can watch the game action too.


    @CVLPost Well, if I understand what you want, then yeah, they can watch. The regular game view appears on the primary monitor. It appears in standard 2-D.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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