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    I would just like to say for anyone trying to justify buying the software, DO IT! It just works! I own vireio perception and Tridef (with oculus addon) and VorpX is miles ahead of both! The games just work without any tinkering number one, and number two the aspect ratio is corrected automaticly, oh and the third major awesomefactor is that the 3D effect is really 3D. I found with other softwares it was more of a fake 3D effect. Also the in game menus are killer! They are way better quality than the ones with the other software!


    Sorry, but that’s not entirely true.
    Vorpx is great software, in several of its features.
    But this program also has support for 3D FALSE in many cases.
    Z-buffer modes,(z-normal/adaptative,It is a good proof of this.
    In several cases it is even mandatory … and in other cases optional.

    The games also need tweaking, almost always, or in many many cases.
    At least, if a person wants to look at least something native.

    The menus if I think of better quality than the rest.

    There are many good features in vorpx, but just two of the three you mentioned, are not at all,in my opinion.


    Hey man, Vorpx has its quirks and takes some effort to make the most of, but of all the third party 3D drivers it is by far the best available and requires the least amount of hassle. So in that regard I have to agree with OP.. Vorpx is the best and its gets better with every update.

    Heack in only 6 hours I’m going to be enjoying fallout 4 is glorious virtual reality, even if its only z3d it will destroy the 2D monitor experience.


    Yes, but no one disputes that :)
    It simply clarifies that this software also supports 3d false in many cases.
    And also it clarifies that the games often require tweaking,and not a few.
    except that you conform by default,to represent an image with two black bars with (letterbox 2)
    In everything else, totally agree,Vorpx is the best driver.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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