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    I am a fan of worpx since years,
    I got the opportunity to back the Looking glass Portrait, holographic display….

    I feel neat and make the visual trick.

    But i wonder if it is possible to have the Vorpx technology/software to allow a rendering on this display rather than in vr? I have no idea if it is possible in technical terms.

    I just do know the magic of the display is to have like 50 frame rendered, with different orientation. that allow a glassless 3d vieving experience. I imagine vorpx guys could have some idea to make this feats.

    And potentially, it could allow coverage on lot early adopter.
    Imagine…. a 3d , a god game with a miniature vue, or an open windows in the sims 4 world.

    with a vorpx logo :-)

    It is a silly idea, and I do not know if it could be realized in a efficient way(while the 50 different views should be rendered in a lower resolution than the current 1920×1080 needed on vr)


    Wow, this is a phenomenal idea! If VorpX could do it, sure I would buy Looking Glass (mini). Perhaps these company can give to Ralph a unit to do the implementation, it would be a seller for a lot of users, sure!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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