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    This isn’t a request for help, just an observation. (which is why I posted here) I’ve been noticing that loading RDR2 always seems to take forever. I did a few loads with VorpX and without, and it seems like VorpX almost triples the load times of the game for me. From 35 seconds average to 1:20 sometimes.
    This seems weird. Why should it be doing that? It should have almost no effect from what I gather on how it works. I only ran a few tests, so its far from scientific.
    Curious if anyone else has noticed similar. Try it and see.

    If this is just how it is, great. But from what I understand, this shouldnt be the case?


    Can happen with some games, depending on the copy protection they use. Some modern copy protections do hundreds of online checks and/or virtualize system function calls, preferable while loading to not interfere with actual gameplay. Sometimes that leads to longer load times if something is hooked into the game like vorpX. If you’re lucky, they patch the excessive checking out after a few months.


    Interesting… I had no idea. Good to know, thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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