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    I have been trying VorpX with several games to no avail. Essentially what was happening with a lot of games that I tried, the game would open for a second or two as the screen flickered black, then the game would close. (mainly source games)
    Another problem I had was in BF4 I would open the game and then VorpX would immediately crash it. I might be missing out on something simple but I’ll list my specs

    Dual Moniters + Rift
    GTX 780
    AMD FX 8320
    24 gigs of ram
    MSI Motherboard (can’t remember exact model)
    Windows 7


    Im not 100% sure but BF4 may be one of those games that takes a little extra tinkering to get to run right. I don’t know personally so take that for what it is.

    It sounds like you may be having an issue with something else trying to hook into the game or interfering with the way vorpX hook. It could be antivirus stuff or maybe even some sort of video card manager programs can interfere. Also it could be your multi monitor set up messing with it. You could try just having one monitor and the Rift and see it that helps. Windows has real brain farts when it comes to switching displays around. Check out the forums for better insight.


    In BF4 you can also try to switch to the 32bit version. Reportedly that works better fpr some.

    Also please make sure to set all games to 1920×1089 fullscreen before launching them with vorpX. Other resolutions can cause issues ranging from a distorted image to games refusing to start completely.

    If you happen to use Virtual Desktop, please disable that. It will definitely cause a conflict since its latest update.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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