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    Given I’ve gotten the habit of incorporating many VorpX tutorials in let’s plays of a few games, I figured it was time I’d take a more organized approach here and split off tutorials in a separate series.

    For this series I’m starting off with what I call the VorpX Universal Guide. This one doesn’t cover any specific game in particular, but rather explains the basics of getting a game going with VorpX, explains some of the important settings and gives good bases to start with if you’re going to configure any game.

    VorpX Universal Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6upXBJtc9l8
    The guide covers instructions that should be suitable for all headsets and hopefully as many games as possible.

    In the near future, subsequent videos in this series will each cover one specific game. Given there’s a lot of common elements between setups, I’ll frequently make call backs to the Universal Guide, so this video is basically the pillar of the series.

    Hope it helps everyone!


    Great work. Thanks.

    BTW: I don’t know if you already post your videos on Reddit, but if you don’t: both the Oculus (reddit.com/r/oculus) and the Vive (reddit.com/r/vive) sub-reddit are good places for letting interested people know about VR related videos. If I’m not totally mistaken, these are the largest VR related communities aside from the official SteamVR/Oculus forums.


    Thanks for the guide, I picked up a lot of useful tips!
    I can’t wait to watch your new series for individual game tips.
    Btw I just posted this over on the Oculus subreddit.


    Thanks for the pointer Ralph… I do have a Reddit account but I waste so much time on Twitter I barely check in anymore :P

    I’ll get around to this; I see kurry got ahead of me on it – thanks for that! I do recall a few of my information videos were shared there and they exploded! Really appreciated.

    Hope in the end we just get more people using VorpX. Since DirectVR, not only is this *for real* but also, Bioshock Infinite has finally made be believe a non-VR game can fully, fully, fully, fully go VR with this tool. we’ve gotten close before, but BsI is undecipherable from a real seated VR game right now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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