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    Hi, I had loaded VorpX to get some work done today and after an update, I get an error message stating that I must not have the Oculus Runtime installed.

    Here is the first popup : https://gyazo.com/f916975c8b8ede909a249e98ae20a4e1
    Here is the second : https://gyazo.com/7efa8054fafa9b1464d2a2ae3909e2f9

    I am able to go into the Oculus config utility and open the demo scene and the headset is working in games that support VR directly – such as Project Cars.

    Thank you for your time,



    As always – ask for help and you find the solution to your own problem :)

    – So here’s what I was thinking -> VorpX isn’t seeing oculus runtime because it needs to be updated. No problem, go download the runtime. – When searching for the “oculus runtime” it would only point me to .8beta.. which is now old.

    I had to go search to download “oculus home”, which installed the latest runtime. I’m thinking I should be good to go after this gets done. Hope maybe this helps someone else out… VorpX makes gaming with the DeltaSix AMAZING.


    After getting everything updated I’m was then unable to get VorpX to start without the Oculus application coming up and running the Oculus home stuff on the headset.

    Closing out of the Oculus software would also exit VorpX.

    Have any tips?


    You must have the oculus home software running in order for the runtime to work and to connect with VorpX.
    However you don’t have to be in the store and have all that other stuff running. I like to start up the oculus home software then “sign out”. This leaves the oculus home software running and VorpX works but the whole gui with the store and all that is not open (only the user sign in screen).
    So far this does not seem to affect framerate or performance, but I just don’t like to see the store, friends list and all that unnecessary stuff that is already present in Steam and a bunch of other software.


    I’ll give that a go in a bit. – Thanks for the tip. I was really under the impression facebook may have nerfed the headset to get us buying the CV1.. I’m already on the waiting list, but geez :P

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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