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    Getting a regular issue when trying to use VorpX through Virtual Desktop on my Oculus Quest 2 which is that I get an error stating that “No Oculus headset can be found” despite being linked and working through SteamVR.

    The game will load with no issues, but I find that I’m unable to use VorpX in FullVR mode despite the logo and settings appearing and I find that I’m also unable to use my gamepad, touch controls, or even my keyboard to try and fix settings.

    Is this an issue that I’m going to constantly run into or is this simply a matter of setting up VorpX wrong? Is their compatibility between the two?


    Virtual Desktop can only capture SteamVR games not the native Oculus runtime. You have to switch the headset type in the vorpX config app to SteamVR AND enable SteamVR capturing in VD.

    If you continue to have problems with VD, please switch to Oculus Link instead, which is the better choice anyway since no additional network latency is involved.


    Thank you this helped with my situation and I was able to get VorpX & VD working together with F1 2020.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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