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    did anyone test vorpx with the new pimax 8k+ /8kx ?

    i am very curious how much better the picture quality gets with this new headsets combined with vorpx .


    I’m interested in this too.


    I’m using vorpx with the 8K+. It works really well.

    I upgraded to the Pimax after using the rift-s but there was a massive gap between me using the two headsets so any impressions I have over image quality is maybe not the best. FOV is obviously better, colour production maybe the same or maybe the smallest bit not as good as the Rift-S.

    I’ve only really gotten vorpx to work at the ‘normal’ or ‘small’ fov on the pimax, but only because I deliberately stuck with the default settings and couldn’t be bothered drilling much deeper into things to get that extra percent of FOV (which is typically distorted anyway) on games that really aren’t optimised for VR. As others have pointed out, the ‘small’ setting is still wider than quite a few HMDa already.

    Oddly, I found vorpx with pimax needs less hand holding in setup for certain games than the Rift-S. Half-life 2 was a bit of a nightmare under the rift-s. There was a convoluted start-up procedure I had to maintain otherwise it would CTD. On first successful launch of HL2 under the rift-s, I also had to do a directVR scan and dial in some settings. Via the pimax, it launches no problem and works right out of the box. Maybe there was push-pull issue previously with oculus home and steamVR wrestling for control.

    The only other thing I would say is to run games at full-res (or beyond for super-sampling) to get the most out of the pimax displays can be a bit heavy on performance in G3D. Frame rate and FOV is more important to me than image fidelity, so I’m happy to take a small hit on resolution to maintain those two other things. As such, I also found oculus’s asynchronous motion smoothing to be cleaner than what is used by steamvr/Pimax. I noticed this the most when playing a heavily modded fallout NV.

    Finally, if vorpx is your main port of call for your HMD, I would recommend the deluxe audio strap mod for the pimax. It makes quickly getting in and out of the headset (or otherwise peaking at real world surroundings) for misc tasks (like finding your keyboard/mouse/gamepad or misc windows tasks) easier and is a nice quality of life improvement.

    In summation, I’m very happy with the pimax and don’t really see myself going back to the rift-s (which I still think is a very good bit of equipment).


    I forgot to add I did find the oculus touch controls work better for me in vorpx than the index controllers, if only because they’ve got actual buttons to use as shift-modifers and for edge-peek/vorpx menu calling whereas with the index controllers ‘grip/squeeze’ equivelant is just not as functional/tactile. Obviously less of an issue if you use a keyboard/mouse/gamepad or are in a game that doesn’t need a lot of edge-peak usage or varied button mapping.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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