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    I have an HP Reverb on order and i’m curious about the following issue.

    On Reddit many have reported that ever since the Win10 1903 update the WMR software uses a lower resolution and the image looks blurry. Such issues are apparently nothing new with WMR.

    Now, i’m not knowledgeable enough about how much of WMR software vorpX uses, but i’m a bit concerned how this would affect my vorpX experience, now and in the future. Should i try delaying Win10 updates as long as possible?

    Or is this only an issue for native WMR apps?


    I saw some of those posts and from what I gather 1903 seems to making the super-sampling option not work correctly with WMR. I don’t what this exactly could mean with VorpX but as far as I know VorpX uses the in-game resolution instead of SS for the display, the SS setting seems to make no change to my games so the problem may not matter. Hopefully someone else can answer your question with confidence though.


    Since in contrast to native apps the SteamVR supersampling isn’t the most relevant aspect in regard to image quality (instead, like you correctly say, the game resolution does what supersamling does for native apps), vorpX does some sanity checks when creating the final render textures, so overly large headset render textures that affect performance negatively are unlikely to occur.

    TLDR: If the Win 10 1903 issue is related to wrong handling of supersampling, vorpX probably won’t be affected.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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