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    Hello Ralf,

    I had I think version 18.2.3 or so and today it updated by itself when starting. It did the installation of 2017 vcRedistributables, then of itself.
    But even after rebooting, it silently exits when launched, whether from Config VorpX or Start VorpX. The most I can get is an icon in the taskbar that disappears when the windows cursor approaches it.

    Right after update and before reboot, it had the same behavior but also made windows emit the sound of a device that gets disconnected (like when you unplug an usb key) each time I stried to start it.

    Previous versions had absolutely no problems running on my Win7 64 with 16GB ram + Oculus rift.

    I have already uninstalled keeping the license data and re-installed from web-setup, but no change.

    Is there a log somewhere I could post here to help you diagnose the cause ?


    There is an unfortunate update issue currently that only applies to Windows 7. This should help:

    1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX
    2. Delete vorpControl.ini.old

    vorpControl.ini.old might show as vorpControl.ini if you don’t have file extensions enabled in Windows-Explorer

    The C:\ProgramData\ folder is hidden per default by Windows. Enable “Show hidden files” in Windows Explorer if you can’t see it.

    Alternatively you can delete the whole ‘C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs’ folder and reinstall vorpX afterwards.


    I had to delete Profiles.vpd.old in addition to vorpControl.ini.old, and now it seems to work.
    I will do more tests tomorrow, but at least it now starts and the configuration is displayed.

    Thanks for the quick help !


    Ah, figured it out now. This is the only working solution as far as I’m aware

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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