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    Hi everyone, I tested VorpX on Quest 2 today and it’s working fine:


    Hello ParadiseDecay,

    I have a few questions for you.

    I’m able to start VORPX with a game .I get the side by side that show up on my screen but I don’t see the image in my Quest2 display.

    I think I’ve seen you use Virtual PC to get to see both image. But is there another way? Can I just get the image to display as 3D in my Quest?

    Thanks. Love your channel.


    There are two ways to use vorpX with your Quest 2:

    1. Wired via Oculus Link (any USB 2/3 cable will do), headset type in the vorpX config app has to be ‘Oculus’ in this case.
    2. Wireless with Virtual Desktop (additional app), headset type in the vorpX config app has to be ‘SteamVR’ in this case.

    Thanks. How now have an image in my Quest 2. But the image is all brown? I can distinc anything. I see the game is started and I see part of Lara but not much else. I desactivate every effect possible. Disable V-Sync etc. Lower the resolutionn etc.. Nothing work

    I’m trying to play TombRaider Underworld. It a stand alone version so it doesn’t go via Steam or Origin.

    I should mention I have a laptop. A gigabit Aero 17 with the RTX2080. I should be able to run that game no problem.


    On a laptop you have to make sure that any game runs on the same GPU that your headset is connected to. Possible that such an old game runs on the intergrated GPU instead of the 2080. The best way to ensure that everything runs on the 2080 is disabling the integrated graphics of your laptop.

    Just in case: If your display happens to be HDR cacpable, you may also want to disable HDR in the Windows options.


    Just out of curiosity – could vorpx mess with the oculus home settings?
    I was able to use my oculus headset with oculus link 1 day.
    Then the next day I installed vorpx and ive never been able to use my quest 2 with oculus link since then.
    I’ve had to purchase virtual desktop.


    No, vorpX doesn’t change any Oculus settings.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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