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    I just installed Vorpx and when I try to run the config, it immediately crashes. I have uninstalled Vorpx completely and re-installed multiple times, restarted my machine, tried running it as admin or in compatibility modes.

    Vorpx itself runs but when I try to start (in this case) Fallout 4, it says it cannot find the Oculus Rift. Unfortunately I’m on the HTC Vive. I opened the Vorpx file that’s in AppData and attempted to change “sDeviceName” which was set for the Rift by default but I don’t know if “HTCVive” is the proper name.


    This allowed the game to open and I can bring up the in-game Vorpx settings, though nothing comes through the HMD, only onscreen.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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