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    I just downloaded vorpx installed it and configured it with the configurator.
    When trying to start vorpxcontrol via the desktop shortcut it simply “dies” and doesn’t start.
    Looking inside my application event log I find an (application) error 1000 in conjunction with the vorpxcontrol.exe and the shell32.dll.
    Unfortunately error code 1000 is a generic code that’s not very specific.
    Digging around in the net and the forum doesn’t provide me any usefull hint, so I’m starting this thread here.

    OS: Windows 10
    3D device: Oculus Rift
    I’m using BitDefender as an AV (“snakeoil” ;-), don’t start that discussion with me), no errors inside and I even moved the vorpx programs inside the trusted apps.

    Any advice, hints or even a solution?

    Just be aware, I’m not having any issue with a game. I’m stranded before I can even get a shot at a try. :-(

    Best regards


    Consider the issue solved…

    … sometimes it’s worth to dig 2 mins more, after 2 hours of effortless digging.

    Indeed it has been my Bitdefender, though I excluded the vorpx folders from scan and added it to the trusted apps.
    BUT… it had to be excluded from the advanced threat control too… :-D

    So now let’s see how and if it works :-D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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