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    Hi, I´d like to buy some VR headset, but I´m not sure, which one. For now let say, that I don´t care about the price. What should I like to do: of course, play games for VR, but as well (and even more) – I´d like to play PC games (not just downloaded from Steam, but all of the games I have). If I do understand correctly, vorpx is able to play all of the mentioned games (doesn´t matter, if they are from Steam), right?

    So: which headset should I buy? I´m thinking about: Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive Pro, Htc vive pro Eye, HTC Cosmos Elite, Valve Index. Nevertheless I´m open to all of your reccomendations :)
    Thank you!


    I love my Rift S. Perfect headset for the price. Had a Vive and O+ before this.
    I love not having to worry about base stations either.


    Ars has a decent vr hw guide: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/03/the-ultimate-half-life-vr-hardware-guide-from-frugal-to-fantastic/

    I’ve been using an Odyssey+ and my only complaint is the WMR portal is stupid and annoying. If I had to pick something new and money was no object, it’d be the Index, mostly because it has the least amount of overhead required to use (you need steamvr to use just about any vr program these days anyway).


    Rift-S is good for the money and like dborosev said it’s very easy to manage. If you’re looking for upgradability then Valve or HTC, which I believe opens up the option for Pimax. The Rift-S has no offering and is probably the console variation. It’s still good though, and haven’t ever regretted buying it.


    With no care for price, Pimax 8KX is the easy choice. There is no substitution for resolution.


    Pretty easy if money dosen’t matter Valve Index without a doubt.

    Or the Rift S it is cheaper and you have easy accsess to the Oculus Exclusivs. Oh and with Inside out tracking it is pretty much plug and play.


    I own six headsets each one has it’s plus and minus.
    Odyssey +
    HP reverb
    Valve Index
    Vive Cosmos

    I play mostly seated so my favorite is HP Reverb true 4K clear as 1080P monitor but you need a top of line gaming computer
    Odyssey and Odyssey good for seated and standing (Cheap $249 in US) when on sale.
    Valve Index Excellent Tracking good for all games seated, standing and roomscale adjustable refresh rate 80,90,120 and 144 HZ
    Index controllers are great.
    High end computer required
    Now for – sold out and highest price of VR headset I own but everything is included and customer support is excellent
    Rift S excellent tracking for inside out, cheap clear image comes with everything you need and priced at $399 plays steamvr and oculus exclusives games controllers are great.
    Middle range PC
    Customer support and service are very good.
    minus sound no headphones sound tinny headband sound for this is plus because I’m close to deaf in my left ear I can wear hearing aid when I’m using the Rift-S.
    Vive Cosmos the worst headset I every owned.
    Also any Pimax headsets need base stations, headphones and controllers very pricey $1200 to get started and service is the worst.
    I would suggest also to purchase a PCI-express USB 3.0 (StarTech or inatech)


    If money is tight you can use a 3dof instead of a 6dof headset like the VR-tek WVR3. Since that is all that’s needed for these games. You’re not using the hand controls and cameras. They some times have them on Walmart, amazon or eBay. Paid less than a hundred for mine.


    I just purchased the vive and im having issues with frames..i have an oculus rift but the right earphone is out so i “THOUGHT” i was upgrading with the vive and i play w.o.w in third person vr . I’m now having so many issues with the frame rate the game isnt even enjoyable anymore..the constant stuttering is SOoo frustrating it feels like im looking at a flip book animation..the vive literally opens up three apps, steam VR, vive console and Vive port..Oculus litteraly uses one app..i think thats the issue but not sure.. does anyone have any solutions?

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