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    Okay so just like everyone else… I can’t run any game that’s 64bit, due to corpControl64.dat not running. On start up, windows tells me that “VR Stereo Driver Control has stopped working”

    After hours, and hours… and lets face it, I spent ALL DAY yesterday, attempting to get GTA 5 to work. And It doesn’t. Plain and Simple.

    Yes I have done EVERYTHING ever posted in these forums on how to fix it. Other then Reinstalling windows…. Are you kidding me? For a product that costs $43CAD, I should NOT, and I repeat, NOT have to reinstall my operating system to make it work. If that was the case, the product should be like $9.99. or still in beta, for free.

    Clearly this is an ongoing issue, that they just don’t seem to really care to fix. And yes….. Ralf… I deactivated my Antiviruses, and firewalls. I have completely uninstalled them. Which is also outrageous, and a very debilitating feature required to use a program.(white listing I can understand, needing to uninstall? Just unnecessary for program in this price range) (Its like I’ve payed $43 for hours of headaches, cause a program can’t do as advertised.)

    If there is not anything else you can tell me to resolve this issue that doesn’t have to do with:
    Reinstalling windows
    Turning off antivirus
    Uninstalling/Reinstalling vorpX
    Ensuring the corpControl64.dat is in the instillation folder
    Ensure its a legit copy of GTA 5

    (I have done all of these, many times, in many different ways, and it simply doesn’t work.) If no resolution can be determined, I would like to issue a refund. I refuse to pay $43CAD for a program that simply doesn’t do as advertised, for all customers. (A very adequate reason for any product someone would buy from a store)

    I mean, I repair computers for a living, if that counts for anything. And I know with certainty, there is nothing wrong with my operation system, or computer H/W. I have run full diagnostics on my unit, and there is No Faults Found.

    I hope you can understand my frustration, as this is fairly outrageous.

    I look forward to resolving this matter.


    I noticed I said “corpControl64.dat” and I ment “vorpControl64.dat”

    Sorry for some reason it won’t let me edit the post…….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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