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    So I bought a Virtuix Omni when it came out years ago, it at the time looked to be the best option for a VR treadmill to use with Vorpx and now years later Im looking at a second option; the KatWalk C2. The only hang up is that that it looks like they built this one to work with VR games instead of emulating a keyboard or joystick like the Omni. Does anyone here have experience with KatVR treadmills or programs that would capture a vr controller and translate the input?

    VRified Games

    Vorpx will work with any treadmill

    You need to have vr controllers active in vorpx, run through steamvr API.

    And that’s it.

    The treadmill will overide the controller that is emulating Xbox controller/mouse & Keyboard

    The only use case I know of that didn’t work is walkovr.

    Personally I have tried Kat loco and natural locomotion and walkovr and they all worked as expected (apart from walkovr)

    I could even achieve decoupled walk/aim


    Do you use the OmniUnlocked app? It allows you to play any free locomotion game in the Omni. It’s great. I use it almost every day.


    Very interesting, I will listen too, I would like to have such an experience.


    I remember joining a few servers a while back that had some Omni custom stuff but I left em and don’t have the software anymore. I still have this OpenOmni software on steam from one of the servers. Happen to have a link to the OmniUnlocked app?


    Does treadmill support include linear (variable running speed) movement?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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