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    Game (DOOM ETERNAL: THE ANCIENT GODS – PART ONE) runs fine but then with some time it starts stuttering to the point of being unplayable. Not only the game itself is affected by the stuttering but also every head-movement i make (looks like the virtual desktop-screen is moving with the direction i turn, along with stuttering like crazy).

    I remember i had the same problem with other games using the VULKAN engine (ZOMBIE ARMY 4, WOLFENSTEIN).

    For some reason i am afraid it is my system causing this after all, but i have no clue why this issue only seems to occur with VULKAN games, while the rest runs perfectly flawless all the time.

    BTW it doesn´t matters if i am playing it on vorpX virtual desktop (windowed) or a free app like bigscreenbeta! The issue stays the same on both programs.


    Problem is solved.

    The stuttering is obviously caused by vulkan based games drawing more power from vr/hardware than non-vulkan games do. Had to lower the graphic settings down for at least two times until it ran flawlessly.

    Usually all my games run well in vr/vorpX without lowering graphic settings, especially older ones, but with vulkan, i even have to lower them with old games (WOLFENSTEIN NEW ORDER, etc.) in order to avoid stuttering.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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