War of Rights

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    Finally, you can try first person musket battles of the Civil War in War of Rights – out today on steam Early Access.

    I’ve been playing this in closed Alpha all summer and am glad people on steam can now play! I’ve logged 400+ hours in it with vorpX and can report that it works well in Z-normal immersive cinema.

    The experience is quite immersive thanks to the well done full-body animations, free look, 3D proximity voip, CryEngine graphics, and authentic gameplay mechanics. The kind of immersion that keeps you watching your flank in the woods and flinching at incoming miniballs. That anxious feeling as you reload to trade volleys, knowing you could be next to fall. And of course the constant communication between soldiers and officer commands, making every situation feel coordinated but dynamic.

    War of Rights (Z3D)

    I’ve not been able to produce Geometry, but have my hopes that the soon coming Prey profile can work here as well. Fingers crossed. Until then, Z3D still offers a good experience.

    – use a 16:9 resolution for widest view (1920×1080)
    – set FOV to 78 in game
    – set AA to highest SMAA 2TX
    – turn off depth of field

    *Use vorpX hotkey “disable 3D” for better iron sights (bind to Right mouse button for hold and aim, or Middle mouse for toggle)
    *Be sure to set Rift Audio as both Default Device and Default Communication Device in Windows sound options or you won’t hear voip
    *World FOV can be increased further via console “cl_fov XX” but I’ve yet to discover for the weapon model to match. But potential could be there.

    I’ve anticipated this game a long time – it has been my favorite online experience this year. I’m happy it plays with vorpX and hope others can enjoy it as well. Just a couple clips to demonstrate game atmosphere and community events:

    I probably should have made a dedicated thread for this, but thanks for watching :)


    G3D now available! New profile on the cloud.

    I’ve been playing this in G3D now since January thanks to the Prey update and have finally put the new profile settings on the cloud. I figured with the 50% off sale going on now, it’s a good time for anyone interested. Servers are most active during weekend and evening events.

    A part from being on the heavy side performance-wise, G3D is looking good and fov is improved. Aiming is now more natural thanks to main eye, and first person animations more immersive.

    I’ve found fullscreen cinema mode to work best (especially on Pimax8k) for HUD reasons, but rift users may prefer the look of fullVR mode. Z3D is still an option that may look best when combined with the immersive screen settings.

    – use a 16:9 resolution (2560×1440)
    – set FOV to 75 in game

    My recommended game settings for performance clarity:

    antialiasing = SMAA 2TX (helps a lot with jaggies)
    motion blur = minimum (some blur helps to feel smoother)
    particles = low
    physics = low
    water = low
    textures = very high
    object details = low
    shading = medium
    post processing = very high (helps with sharpness)
    shadows = low
    smoke = low
    corpse count = 25

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