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    hello im looking for a way to watch 3D content from videos or look at pictures using vorpx.
    is there a way to do this with the desktop viewer or to have a vorpx display that says it has 3D compatibility to youtube


    If you play the 3d video in SBS format, you can switch the image input type to SBS in the vorpX menu to see it in 3D.


    vorpX only works with videos locally, technically you could do it with SBS and vorpX’s Desktop Viewer but that won’t work with 360° videos on Youtube. For that your best bet is to use an app designed for it like Youtube VR (Oculus Store, Steam’s sucked hard af last i checked for WMR at least) or DeoVR Video Player (you may need to manually configure it for 360° videos).


    Hi Ralf, I have the same question. I love the VorpX Viewer with the Ambience lighting around. Magic.

    So now I am playing a SBS video from my computer but can only see both images left and right. How do I switch the image input type to SBS ? I cant find it the Vorpx Menu.. Is the Vorpx menu the one I activate with the DEL key? and there? where I do I change it?

    Secondly, is there a way to use Vorpx Desktop Viewer and play a game which is not modified by Vorpx?
    I have a game for which there is no Vorpx profile, its has the Re-shade 3D VR mod installed however,
    I can play it okay with Steams Virtual Desktop and hit the F7 button to get the SBS view = 3D,
    but I love the Ambience in the Vorpx Desktop Viewer and would like to play with it.
    Possible at all? how?


    I get this from other thread.
    As far as Ive ever used it – I could be wrong, but Vorpx doesnt ‘create’ a SBS image for you to use in Desktop mode. That being said, if the content is SBS (movie or a game with Reshade or Geforce 3d) you can select a setting in the Vorpx Menu while in Desktop Mode under “Image Settings”, go to “Stereo Type” and change to Side by Side.

    Again, the -content- has to already be in SBS mode on your monitor for it to create the 3d effect. Thats as far as I know, though. This could not be 100% accurate, but thats what I know about it. Sure someone else can expand on it further, but if youve already got content that is SBS that you want to use, that should make it 3d in the headset.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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