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    Here you go matteo, found it for a good price this week. In fact many of the games in this thread have pretty good sales this week on steam.

    Watch Dogs 2 (Z3D)

    While the Watch Dogs 1 profile oddly couldn’t provide any type of 3D, ACUnity gives us some decent Z3D in immersive screen mode, though scale is a bit small. Tried several to find geometry, but no luck thus far.

    Fortunately only launch parameter “-eac_launcher” is all that is needed to disable EAC for offline play. Add this line to your Steam/Uplay launch options for WD2.

    – use your native resolution aspect ratio for best results
    – in game set FOV to 104

    *Use Z to toggle better car camera
    *Use edgepeek for cutscenes
    *Alt + Enter if Z3D breaks after cutscene


    Thank you dellrifter, but watchdogs1 has g3d… There is a hidden profile For it


    Thanks dellrifter22 I think you may be able to spawn bots using console commands but don’t quote me on that. The game is still in it’s infancy so they might add that at some point. I found a workaround for EAC. Have managed to launch a dedicated server with it disabled so that you can join whilst running VorpX.

    I can’t keep the server up 24/7 though as it really taxes my PC

    I’m trying to work out the head rotation. In PS you press alt to look around like in ARMA. Are there any tutorials on how to do this with VorpX?


    Are you going to update this profile to get G3D working ?


    I did go back and try a couple times to include G3D, but scanning the buffers crashed the game too easily so I could not find the right ones. It was apparent early on also that even on all Low settings, game performance was suffering to drastically to really be playable anyway. Just my observation at the time, but others are welcome to try now with better optimized versions of vorpX.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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