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    This is my first attempt with VorpX so I might be missing something.

    I am trying to use it with Far Cry Primal, and with an XBOX ONE gamepad.

    I start VorpX then FarCry Primal, (I have already set the FOV to 120)

    It starts up fine. At first I can’t move, although I think that’s just the game, as some one is talking, I can look around fine though. But after I start moving, suddenly my head tracking is inverted. So when I look to the left in real life, the game looks to the right, up is down etc. etc.

    I tried going into the settings and inverting the game pad controls, but it still does it… Shortly after I stop moving in the game, my head tracking works normally again.

    What’s going on here?


    That sounds pretty weird indeed. Not sure how that might happen, but you can invert the headtracking in the vorpX ingame menu (normally meant for users who play with inverted mouse controls). Also using the vorpX gamepad emulation instead of the native gamepad support may be worth a try.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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